Recent Publications

  • C. H. Chou, K. F. Ssu, H. C. Jiau, W. T. Wang, C. Wang, “A Dead-End Free Topology Maintenance Protocol for Geographic Forwarding in Wireless Sensor Networks," IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol. 60, no.11, pp. 1610-1621, Nov. 2011.
  • C. H. Liu, K. F. Ssu, W. T. Wang, “A Moving Algorithm for Non-Uniform Deployment in Mobile Sensor Networks,” International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 271-290, 2011.
  • H. Yu, K. F. Ssu, “Spatially Varied Control Channel Assignment in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks," Proceedings of the International ICST Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks, pp. 311-315, June 2011.

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