Li-Wen Cheng / 鄭力文

Li-Wen Cheng / 鄭力文

  • MS, Institute of Computer and Communication Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, ROC
  • BS, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Tunghai University, ROC

Master Thesis

  • An Overhearing-based Mechanism for Detecting Data Inconsistent Failures in Wireless Sensor Networks, Sept. 2005.

Research Area

  • Wireless Sensor Networks


  • K. F. Ssu, C. H. Chou, L. W. Cheng, “Using Overhearing Technique to Detect Malicious Packet-Modifying Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks,” Computer Communications, vol. 30, no. 11-12, pp. 2342-2352, Sept. 2007.